Animal Communication & Energy Work

Strengthen your connection with your pet through communication and understanding.

Enhance your bond with your animal companion through communication, fostering connection, and gaining deeper understanding.

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Animal Communication & Energy Work

Support for adoptions, rehoming transitions, and adjustment periods for both animals and their guardians.

Seek assistance in reuniting with missing animals, coping with end-of-life transitions, and finding closure after the loss of a beloved pet.

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About Us

True Spirit LLC

Connect with your animal on a deeper level, fostering understanding and harmony in your relationship. Overcome behavioral difficulties, address health issues, and navigate transitions with expert guidance and support. Seek assistance in reuniting with missing animals, coping with end-of-life transitions, and finding closure after the loss of a beloved pet.

Missing animals.

Assistance in locating missing animals and facilitating their safe return home.


Facilitate reconnecting with deceased animals to find closure and peace.

Past lives.

Explore questions about past lives and the spiritual journey of your animal companions.

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International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants

An organization of animal behavior professionals and enthusiasts from across the globe who work together to raise the standards of animal welfare and training standards.

Animal Spirit

Animal Communicator Certificate by Animal Spirit Network

Dedicated to promoting holistic and integrative veterinary medicine.

gurney institute

Endorsed by The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication

Internationally recognized organization whose purpose is to raise the world’s awareness that the ability for humans and animals to communicate with each other exists.

Penelope Smith animal communication

Penelope Smith's Animal Communication Mentorship Program

Her mentorship program provides in-depth training in telepathic communication with animals. Penelope Smith's books, such as "Animal Talk" and "When Animals Speak," are widely regarded as seminal works in the field.

anna twinney

Anna Twinney's Reach Out to Horses® Program

Training in holistic horsemanship, including communication techniques that involve understanding and connecting with horses on a deeper level.

spirit healer circle

Shamanic Animal Communication

This program combines shamanic practices with animal communication techniques. It offers certification upon completion of the training, which includes understanding the spiritual aspects of animal communication.


Animal Communication & Energy Work.

Contact me for connection and deeper understanding, behavioral difficulties, health issues, trauma recovery, life changes, adoptions/rehoming, missing animals, end of life transitions, reconnecting with deceased animals, questions about past lives. Services are provided remotely using a photograph and meetings by phone, FaceTime or Zoom.

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30 minute session: $50
45 minute session: $75
60 minute session: $90


Animal Communication

  • Complementary Therapy
  • Homeopathy
  • Naturopathic

Energy Work

  • EFT Tapping
  • Energy Healing
  • Scalar Wave Healing
  • ThetaHealing

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Get to Know Grace

Check out her interviews.

Glimpse into the transformative experiences shared between humans and animals, and witness the power of communication and energy work in action.

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